Siliko d.o.o. celebrates 18th birthday

Director and owner of Siliko d.o.o., Mr. Janez Koprivec, started to work with the rubber production three decades ago when he went into craft production besides his regular job.

Siliko d.o.o. (Siliko Ltd.) as a limited liability company was founded in 1993. On the day of 01.04.1993 the company Siliko d.o.o. was entered in the register of legal persons. With that date the company officially became a legal entity.

In 18 years Siliko has become one of the largest manufacturers of rubber-technical products on the Slovenian market. The company today employs 188 people and reaches 25 million annual turnover.

Such growth of the company was not planned nor expected by the director and his wife at the start of the activities. They both remained modest and very human, which for today's managers is a rarity.

The company achieves consistent high growth in annual turnover all the years of operation, which is a remarkable result. With effective R & D teams and the correct strategic decisions a company achieved excellent results. Also in time of global crisis. An important factor for success are also employees, who all work together for the benefit of the entire company and all employees.

We wish all the best to the company at its 18th birthday and hope to remain successful and stable company also in the future.